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Friday, December 12, 2008

Day 17, 18 & 19th...Chaos...But Good!

Tuesday morning.  All the cabinets arrived at about 8am.  The kitchen was ready to receive them!  
In the carport.  After inventory was taken, the upper cabinets were all hung.  Next the wall cabinets and finally the island.  There is so much that goes into hanging the cabinets.  I had no idea!  And, the cabinets are only screwed to the wall and being held up by a few screws!  Amazing!  As Dave pointed out when I asked, he's never heard of a cabinet falling.  Neither have I, and I don't have a minuscule of the experience he has with cabinets and building.  
The past three days have been filled with cabinets being set in.  The crown molding will still need to be done, but all is ready for the counter tops to be measured and ordered.  
Pure insanity yesterday at the Burrow!  Phil, the cabinet guy was here, the electrician stopped in to get numbers of switch plates and outlet covers he'd need, Dave was in and out, the sink, cook top, oven and refrigerator all arrived within hours of one another.  Lily was fit to be tied because there was a ton of activity in her house and she wasn't allowed to monitor it all.  Darn that visqueen wall!  She kept trying to press her little kitty face through it so she could go and investigate.  
Today is construction day 19.  The counter top guy comes to measure and get dimensions.  There are so many decisions that have gone into remodeling this kitchen, I can't imagine someone trying to build a whole house from the bottom up.  What a task!  

All the appliances are here now.  Boxes, boxes, boxes!  I felt like Christmas arrived yesterday for me.  I swear I about wiggled out of my skin with the excitement of all I have ordered actually showing up!  A wonderful contractor can coordinate all the parts of the building process.  Dave's timing and schedule have been right on.  It seems like there are a million little things to be done now.  I am feeling the pressure of family arriving next weekend, but would rather have things not be completed when they arrive versus being done correctly.  Going into this project I knew we had two holidays to work around.  Patience is a good quality to have.  

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sweetcakes said...

Hang in there! It's starting to look like a kitchen again.