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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Tuesday! R U Playing?

Wow!  It's been a week and I've been thinking the color Green for a long time!  This is my weekly contribution to Steph's blogging about colors game.  

Since I knew I was scheduled to have surgery on Wednesday last week, I tried to do a ton of planning ahead.  I made chicken soup, homemade chicken pot pies and spaghetti sauce for the freezer.  Baked chocolate chip cookies for my kids lunches.  Stocked my pantry so my family could take care of me: puddings, oatmeal, yogurt, staples, etc.  Pretty much in that order!  Got some new pj dresses - soft and feminine kinds.  Asked about any upcoming school projects and tried to anticipate what might be needed.  Bought a wedding gift but knew there was a chance I wouldn't make that wedding...which I didn't.  :(  And I bought some birthday cards.  

My final "big" thing to do was to take a nice long walk in the woods...just for me.  My doctor warned that I would fatigue easily and would need to take things slowly after surgery.  Anticipating that it might be several weeks before I could get back out and do my walk, I grabbed my pepper spray, cell phone and camera.  As I stepped into the woods I realized it would be very cathartic for me, and then I thought of Steph!  :)

While being a good girl and relaxing on the couch so I can heal on the inside, I am playing with my computer.  It's amazing what this thing can do!  We've had this MAC for a few years and I am still learning about features and tools.  Hope you enjoy my contribution today.  Come walk with me through the woods below...
All photos taken by me, Hootie.  
Music by Joanie Madden
"The Immigrant" from Song of the Irish Whistle  


Steph said...

I am so glad to hear that you are up and around (and being gentle and kind to yourself!). Here's to a speedy recovery! And that scenery plus the music is very beautiful.

parTea lady said...

Your walk in the woods video is wonderful. Fabulous greens! What was the furry little creature lying down (not dead I hope). The magic mushroom was interesting and I'm amazed that you can get so close to the deer.

Sending love and prayers for a speedy recovery. Also, I'm in awe of your planning and organizational abilty.

Hootie said...

Thanks for the well wishes!

That little animal is a vole. It's like a mouse in the woods. I'll tell you it was napping, but I don't think it was. :( Circle of Life you know.

The deer share the woods and our yard. I was actually about done with my hike and coming back into my own backyard when I almost walked into this gal. She looks pregnant (not in that pic) and I'll post fawn pictures, hopefully, late next month! :)

The Hunts said...

I took a big sigh watching the video. Very relaxing!!!

comfrey cottages said...

beautiful video hootie! for some reason this is the first time i have been allowed on your blog, said something like not invited the other couple times i tried to come visit. thanks for visiting my blog! i love this video and you did a very professional job! your woods look very soothing and i would feel at home in them! sorry you had to have surgery and hoping you feel much better and recover soon! big hugs and thanks for sharing your woods with us! :)