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Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Lucky Lady

Me, that is.  

I am lucky to love and to be loved.  
I am lucky to have been loved.
I am lucky to have a roof over my head and any necessity I should need.  

I am lucky to have good health care.  
I am lucky to live in a community that cares about it's members.  
I am lucky to have choices.  

On Wednesday of this week, I went into the hospital for a scheduled hysterectomy.  At 45 I felt young.  I have dealt with too heavy periods for about five years.  In December, I went in to have an uterine ablation.  It looked like I had a polyp.  The ablation turned into a D&C and the polyp a fibroid.  It was a large, pendiculated fibroid growing low and filling up almost completely my uterus.  I have tried many alternatives for my heavy periods over the years.  All would help for a while but no permanent solutions.  In December my doctor told me that surgery to remove the fibroid would be as invasive as a hysterectomy and that the fibroid would grow back.  Most fibroids go unnoticed.  Those few who cause problems can cause lower back pain, pressure on organs, rectum or bladder problems, numbness of extremities, nausea and basic pregnancy symptoms.  

The positive is that most always, fibroids are NOT cancerous.  

My surgery went very well.  I had a LAVH or Laparoscopically Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy.  My ovaries were left in place.  My fibroid, and two other very large ones were removed!  :)  

I did have a little problem with my blood pressure.  The stress of the surgery caused my BP to rapidly shoot up and it did not want to come down.  I had the same sort of problem when I gave birth to my oldest.  I was advised to get to the hospital way sooner the second time around...to get an epidural.  When I hit 40 I was diagnosed with hypertension and have been on meds ever since.  Good diet, exercise (could be more), and monitoring my BP at home are part of my daily routine.  

Originally I was scheduled to come home on Thursday.  By 11 am on Thursday, I could tell things were not okay.  I called my husband and told him to not bring the kids up but that I needed him and I was having a bad day.  He came and ended up spend the night with me.  It was a boring time for him.  I barely moved.  I was in and out of sleep.  The nurses came in every 30 minutes or so to check my BP.  My meds were being adjusted constantly.  Finally at about 2am I turned the corner.  

By Friday morning my BP was at a better rate and the doctors agreed I could go home.  I was nervous to leave, but wanted my familiar, secure setting.  Early afternoon I was at home in my own pj's and bed.  My kids came home that day and greeted me with happy smiles.  It was what I needed.  

I am happy to report that my BP is so much better this morning!  

I am lucky, and I know it.  

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sweetcakes said...

Glad all went well and that you're home resting. Call if you need anything. ;)