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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Have You?

Okay, one more downer post and then I promise, I'll be more upbeat!  Seriously.  

Have you made your intentions known yet about how you would want to be treated should something happen and you were incapable of vocalizing your wishes?
As an example, Let's say you get Encephalitis due to West Nile.  You have a fever of about 104 for about 4 weeks and you are basically in a coma.  Live support is keeping you going but there is really not a chance in the world that you are going to be able to come out of this illness and live any good quality of life.  What would you want?    
It's called a Living Will.  Basically you appoint a health care representative who you trust would follow your wishes.  And, you clearly spell out what those wishes are.  

After what I went through emotionally with my mom and step-dad and their illnesses and passing, I knew what my desires were.  I do NOT want my husband or children to ever suffer thinking what would I want versus what is the best.  

We have had many conversations where I have said, "I don't want that!" after hearing or reading some news article.  But, I didn't have it in writing.  

On Monday I went to my hospital for my pre-op stuff and they asked if I had a Living Will in place.  I said no.  The nurse asked if I wanted the paper work to fill out in the next day.  I told her I wanted to say no, but I knew I needed to say yes.  So I took the papers.  

On Tuesday night I sat alone in my kitchen and I cried as I filled out the papers.  What a mature thing to do.  What a grown up decision.  What a finality these papers had.  I really needed to look at this as a gift to my children and husband that I hope they won't need for a long, long time.  

My daughter came in and caught me crying.  She asked why I was doing this now.  Was I worried about the surgery?  My answer was no.  I was not worried about surgery.  I told her I was doing this now because I was young and in good health and I needed to do this.  

Taking the papers to the hospital to have them witnesses the next day was easier.  I didn't realize how hard it would be initially to put my wishes in writing.  Maybe I was a little emotional due to the pending surgery.  

Still, Have you made your wishes known?  Do the right thing, put it in writing!!!  

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The Hunts said...

We are so behind on this one. Lot's of things not in writing. I hate to think about what others would have to go through should something happen unexpected to me and krista