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Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Mother's Day, 2009

In years past I have not had very nice Mother's Day.  They just never seem to live up to any of my expectations.  My teens are 14 and 16 years old.  They are typical kids.  

This year I decided to at least be acknowledged by those said teens.  A few weeks before MD I forwarded each of my children an e-mail that I had received from Kodak.com.  It was an ad about getting a free picture photo card for your mom on Mother's Day.  That was Hint #1.  

Hint #2 was more direct.  On Wednesday of last week I point blank asked, "Does anyone know what Sunday is?"  My oldest responded, "May 10th" with a very straight face.  Ha, ha, I didn't laugh.  

Hint #3 was a visible message:  On Friday, I went out and bought two hanging flower baskets for my MIL from her two sons:  my husband and my BIL who lives in Maryland.  The flower baskets were set out in plain view.  Of course I asked, "did you see the flower baskets I got Grandma for Mother's Day?"  

Well, on Saturday my hubby decided to go buy me a MD gift.  I reminded him I am NOT his mother.  He understands that, but I think he was feeling guilty because I was out doing yard work pulling weeds and filling up my broken yard cart.  Broken by him just a few weeks ago as he was using it to haul wood.  It has been duct taped back together, but really won't survive in it's present condition for very long.  

After I finished my weeding for the day, I decided to play a bit!  You can see that my new cart is very sturdy!  I am on the sledding hill in my in-laws backyard!  :)
On Sunday, I woke up to happy children.  My daughter made me breakfast...a hash brown.  (Note to self:  Need to work on cooking with that child this summer.)  She was very excited for me to open my gift from her.  She is my crafting soul!  She made me this bird house from a gourd she got last fall while we were pumpkin gathering.  Isn't it so cool!?  I LOVE the colors and the leaf prints on it.  

My son actually left the house on Saturday afternoon to go shopping by himself.  Oh the freedom of a driver's license!  I did say a little pray that my van would return safely.  I smiled as he left thinking most of the college students were long gone for the summer and there were fewer cars on the roads now.  

He bought me some incense and a card (showcased here). 
  Another sweetheart!  
For dinner last night I made one of his favorite dishes; homemade individual chicken pot pies.  :)
The topper for Mother's Day was that I had a chance to rest in the hammock my daughter and husband put up before we headed to Brown County State Park to have a cookout with my in-laws.  We had my MIL's favorite meal that night...hot dogs on the grill!  

I hope all my friends who are mom's had as nice of a day too.  Please feel free to use my hinting techniques in the future if you need.  


parTea lady said...

Looks like all your hints payed off. I love your video - such fun! The robin's egg blue birdhouse your daughter made you is great.

I enjoyed my Mother's Day as well, but I may still try your hint plan next year. ;=)

comfrey cottages said...

lol at your post hootie!! hey, your new wonderful birdhouse guord would be perfect for the robins egg blue post!! happy belated mothers day to you and thanks for visiting my blog!!:) hugs