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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Supporting Cast!

Female Reproductive Health Support: 
Over the past several months I have done a lot of research on Hysterectomies and Fibroids.  I did not find any close friends I could ask about this, so I turned to the web.  
I do realize that the web is NOT a substitute for a real doctor.  But, as a woman having questions about my particular problems, sometimes it feels safer to first be able to find out if you are normal BEFORE you seek an official opinion.  

In the past month, I have found great support on a site called HysterSisters.  As a woman, you don't need to be contemplating a hysterectomy to go check out all the good, solid information they have to offer.  
No Butts About it Support:
You may see me carrying a bag on my shoulder these days.  It's my disguised seat cushion!  Don't tell!  

Tonight I am heading out for a short bit to watch my daughter as she celebrates being promoted from 8th grade.  Having been through this two years ago with my son, I know I will be sitting on bleachers.  I definitely cannot sit for even 15 minutes on a piece of wood!  

I did get myself a donut like pillow, but really, who wants to blatantly carry one of those around?  

At least a year ago, maybe more, Sweetcakes made these wonderful pillowcase bags.  My daughter uses her bag to carry her ballet class items to and fro daily.  I tend to use mine only when I am heading on vacations or short trips to carry a book and my knitting and crocheting supplies.   
Home made items are precious to me! 

I have been able to combine my purposeful pillow with my fashionable pillow case!  

I surfed Sweetcakes blog this morning, but I don't think she ever posted this particular bag she made.  


Lauranie said...

Hi there! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I love having visitors and finding new interesting blogs! Wow! What a life, you are right about it being a quick life and that we should all feel blessed for the things we have. I try to cherish my family everyday for as long as I can! As I get older, I know that my parents did such an awesome job, and I could only hope to be as good at raising my own kids. I do have a Living Will from my military days, but I'm sure it is time to look over it and make sure it is up to date! My aunt is on her second round of radiation therapy and will hopefully be 100% Cancer free at the end of it, I made a similar pillow for her to carry. It help relieve some of the pain in her breast from everyday "bumps". Keep living the good life!

sweetcakes said...

I forgot about those bags....I wonder if anyone else is still using theirs?