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Friday, May 01, 2009

May is National Brain Tumor Awareness Month

It was three years ago today when I found out that my mom had two brain tumors and needed to have immediate surgery.  

Tomorrow would have been my mom and Art's wedding anniversary.  It would have been 22 years for them.  I remember being with my mom three years ago as she woke up after surgery.  What a way to spend one's anniversary.  

I am not sad today.  No tears.  Last year, two Illinois State Representatives tried to have May proclaimed  as National Brain Tumor Awareness Month.  I bet with Senator Kennedy's situation soon more people will call attention to this disease.  In a few weeks the second annual Coach Hep Cancer Challenge will happen here in town.  I still have my red laces from last year.  I hope all who can will support Brain Cancer/Tumor Awareness.  If Brain Cancer touches your life it will change you mentally(no pun intended) and emotionally.  I meant as a bystander too.  Maybe that's a biased statement and any cancer/disease that touches someone changes them and their loved ones.  But I personally know that if BC enters your life it cannot be cured right now.  A lot of other disease seem to have more hope with them than BC.  A few months ago I ran across another cause site that sells Grey T-Shirts to support Brain Cancer Awareness.  I seriously thought about getting a shirt that says "I wear Grey for my Mom."  But I couldn't do it.   

I keep asking myself why?  Why couldn't I buy it?  The answer, I think, is because I am moving on.  I don't want to be doom and gloom.  I want to remember the good and not be dragged down by sadness.  Then that saying I use to say pops in my brain, "Life's too short!"  I will choose to suppose a cause, but to Enjoy Life!  

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