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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cooling Off Chickies!

 Tonight we  are two chickies cooling off.  Thank goodness for less humidity! 

Our repairman found the problem.  It was due to Phil.  Phil is the groundhog who has a burrow under our back deck.  Apparently in his home building, he hit our control cable for the air conditioner.  Just a little hazard of owning an older home.  Old homes sometimes have wires more exposed than newer homes.  So is the case here.  Fortunately for Phil he didn't hit the 240 volt power cable.  Unfortunately for Phil, he, or she, will need to find a new home.  The new wire is out of Phil's reach, I think.  Still, the problem of a new home for the wildlife who co-exists with us must be addressed.   

I am glad the rest of my family comes home tomorrow.  We will work on this little housing problem this week.  

Until then, last girls night without the boys.  We are cooling off watching Chocolat.  Thank goodness for the A/C!  


comfrey cottages said...

i would have thought it was just me hot flashing again too hootie!lol your last post was cute and informative about the personal fan. glad your ac is fixed! oh i love the movie chocolat! did you ladies have a good week? we have central air, but i am so hot blooded and flashing since menopause struck, i leave the box fans running too!lol have a great weekend! hugs :)

Hootie said...

We had a great week! It will be tough to give up the remote to the boys! :)

But, I for one and happy that they are coming home tonight! :)