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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Fun! Just the Girls!

My husband and son are away on an adventure of their own so this week it's just been my daughter and myself.  What a treat!  

On Sunday night we decided to head to a nearby drive-in movie theatre.  
Although it may look like I am sitting on the ground, I am actually in the back of our van.  Before we left home, we put down the seats and rolled our our sleeping bags and packed our pillows.  
We arrived early to get a decent spot and brought some craft projects to work on while we waited.  
As the darkness approached, so did a little rain.  It was just a few sprinkles and no one seemed bothered.  
First we saw UP and then Night at the Museum II.  We arrived back home near 2 a.m.  Thank goodness we could sleep in!   If we head back to this theatre again, I'll take our own popcorn.  :) 

My reviews of the Movies?  I loved UP.  Two thumbs way up.  For NatMII, I am glad we didn't go to only see it.  It wasn't as funny as the first one, still I liked it and I am glad I saw it.  It's always decadent to see a double feature!  


comfrey cottages said...

what fun! a girls nite out! our drive in theater was torn down years ago. what a shame these kids can't grow up with the special thrill of watching movies at the drive in!:( we haven't seen nite at the museum 2 yet. glad you liked up! so cute! hugs :) your daughter is a doll like her mom:)

sweetcakes said...

I agree on the 2 thumbs up for UP!!!

I can tell by the beautiful glow on Michelle that you also remembered to bring your bug spray. he, he.

The only time I have been to that drive-in is when Mac crashed on his bike a couple weeks ago. Keith and the boys had to abandon their ride and I picked them up across the street from the drive-in.