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Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Humming in my Yard

Male Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds
My grandma, who really knew a ton about birds, used to tell me when I was growing up that hummingbird feeders needed to be put out around Mother's Day.  It's a good general rule to follow...if you live in Northern Indiana.  

In Southern Indiana I can have my feeders out longer!  If the spring weather breaks by mid-April I can put out my feeders by the last week in April.  By Halloween I can take my feeders down for the season.  
I love the hum these little birds make as they buzz up to my feeders.  In the past several years I have become more aware of the behaviors of hummers.  The male, when courting a female, will make fly in arcs, like the smiles of a smiley face.  Each arc getting bigger and bigger.  

I have not found any hummingbird nests at my house, yet.  But I have seen excellent sites on the web from others.  Our local newspaper had a wonderful link last week:  Hummingbird Nest, where one can see, in great detail, a nest and babies from these tiny fliers.  

Once a week I take down my feeders, clean them in bleach water and refill them with my homemade syrup.  
Hummingbird Syrup Recipe  - 4 parts water to 1 part sugar.  
Stir to mix and bring to a boil.  Boil for 1 minute, then allow to cool.  

Fill clean feeders and store extra syrup in the refrigerator.  Change syrup in feeders once a week or as soon as feeder becomes cloudy.  


comfrey cottages said...

thanks for the link hootie! nice pictures and what a cool description of the mating flight of the males like a smiley face!:) want to add that peeps shouldn't use those colored premade syrups. the red dye is not good for hummers, i think what i read is it makes their egg shells too thin. i love these little jewels also and feel so wonderful just watching them! thanks for sharing hugs :)

Hootie said...

CC- You are right! I meant to add that too about NOT using the pre-mades and red dye! That's a huge reason why I make my syrup instead of buying it! Inexpensive cost and better for the birds! :)