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Thursday, June 11, 2009


Pampered Pets!  
Lily and Jack; aka Lily-Olay or Lilsbury and Capt. Jack
Lily and Jack are 7 years old, 
but Jack has about 6 months over Lily.  
Both were animal shelter adoptees.  Lily (black and white) was a kitten and 
Jack (orange and white) came into our lives when he was 2 1/2.  
Jack was originally named "Spicy,"  no offense, but YUCK!  
He likes the name Jack much more than Spicy.  
Jack was named after my favorite movie character: Capt. Jack Sparrow.  
Incidentally, Did you know...Johnny Depp's children 
happened to be named Lily and Jack!  
What a funny coincidence.  
Our babies are indoor cats, usually.  When I am out in my flower beds working, they will sit in the windows and meow like crazy.  I am a big softy and most of the time will let them out with me.  Jack is a big scaredy cat - afraid of his own shadow, and he usually hangs really close to me.  Lily on the other hand would take on any animal.  Even one 10 times her own size.  She knows no fear and needs to be watched because she is curious and will wander.    She's also diabetic!  
Being felines, they do have natural instincts.  
They are always on the prowl for something to catch.  Lily has been watched chasing butterflies, but can easily catch voles.  Impressive skills for an indoor, de-clawed cat! Jack still has his claws.  That's another story though. 

I do not know Jack's history.  I think he may have originally been an outdoor cat.  He quickly adapted to the indoor pampering he gets.  But last week he brought me a treat while I was out gardening!  He is a gentle giant.  He proudly came to show me the chipmunk he caught.  What a mouthful!  I did dote on him with a serious amount of praise.  After a good five minutes he decided to set his treasure down and reposition it in his mouth.  Unfortunately it was just playing dead and quickly took the loose opportunity to leap to safety.  Poor Jacky, lost his toy!  

I don't mean to sound heartless.  I do think all animals, 
who live around the Burrow, are cute and serve a purpose.  
But, since my cats are cats, they are just doing what comes naturally.  
A few nights ago, I went down into my basement and found Jack and Lily playing tag team with this little cutie-pie mouse.  It too was trying it's hardest to "play dead" and get away when it could.  Having two hunters on it's tail, its odds did not look good.  

After I scooped it up in this glass, I took it out to the flower bed farthest from my house.  I think I heard it breathing a sigh of relief!  :)

I am glad my hunters are looking out for me inside my house.  


Lauranie said...

These babies MUST be so much FUN to live with!! Love the window picture, that is so funny!

comfrey cottages said...

awwww how cute hootie! wonderful pics of your little hunters!! i have 8 kitties and mine were all rescues too, but straight from the streets. cats are just hardwired to hunt and even the gentlest cat won't be able to resist doing so if given the opportunity! really great pics and thanks for sharing with us:) lily and jack! cute! hugs to you:)