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Friday, July 03, 2009


My fantasy is that I am ready to get a dog.  I don't think I want a puppy.  I would like to be able to go to the shelter and rescue some mutt.  
Last night we cooked out for dinner.  Then we sat on our back porch as we ate and enjoyed the evening.  The menu included fried green beans (my mom's old recipe), fresh fruit, veggies and dip, bread and salmon on the grill.  

My kitties are indoor cats, but they love to join me when I am outdoors and they do stay close by.  They started pestering me as I went in and out to use the grill so I promised them they could come out while we ate.  They did.  But soon after we started eating, Kuro came to visit.  Kuro means black in Japanese.  Kuro is a big, black Labrador looking fellow, but he's not a lab.  He's probably 10 and I have known him since he was a puppy.  The cats were corralled and put inside as Kuro did his little happy whine to see us.  He was mooching.  

Kuro has a good nose and he likes salmon!  Being a dog, and hanging around outside a lot, Kuro has a certain odor.  His breath isn't too good either, and that was BEFORE he tasted the salmon (don't tell his owner!).  Still, he's a sweetie and I am reminded of the work a dog would mean.  Baths is on that list!  

Our salmon scent must have permeated the neighborhood.  We had a second moocher come and visit.  Maddie.  She's usually tied up and so her visit was a surprise and we expected to hear her owners out calling for her.  She started her mooching out in the bottom of our yard.  She found something down there to eat.  I was pretty sure it was something the deer had left.  When she came up to us, her breath was pretty horrid too.  She definitely smelled like something the deer had left.  I reached my hand out to give he head a pat and as she nuzzled into me something mushy smeared on my hand.  Yuck!  She had rolled in fresh something the deer or another animal had left!  

That pretty much crushed my fantasy of dog owning right now.  I'll stick to my kitties.  
Jack can investigate all the frogs hiding under the hose he'd like.  

Lily can spy on all the neighbors she'd like.  My kitties DO NOT EAT, ROLL IN, OR SMELL OF P**P!  

They are pampered.  Lily even thinks the new window seat cushions I have made are especially for her.  

Jack and Lily earn their keep.  They tag teamed another mouse in the basement just two nights ago.  

Maybe when the kids leave home I'll be ready for the challenges of caring for a dog.  I wonder if there are any types that don't eat feces or roll in it?  


Esmerelda said...

I've been after Geoff to let us get a dog for some time now. I better not let him read this!

xo Esme

Stephanie said...

I want to get a puppy from a shelter too!

I'm sure not all dogs eat poop... At least I hope not!