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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Hidden Mickeys!

...and some aren't quite so hidden!  

If you get bored at Disney World, and traveling with kids they can sometimes get bored, EVEN at DW, you can look for Hidden Mickeys.  Hidden Mickeys are one of those things you tend to get hooked on after you've been to the parks several times.  Check out the link above for more detailed information.  You can even buy books on the subject if you want to really obsess while on vacation!  

Here are a few Hidden and Not-so-Hidden examples from our last trip:  
On our bed as we arrived!  
Above:  Chair in our room.
Below:  detail of the chair fabric.

Wall paper in our room...look closely at the sail on the 
middle sailboat in bottom right corner!  
Decals on the monorail windows.
Survey markers on the ground.  
At Pizza Planet in Hollywood Studios, 
Enlarge photo and look closely at the stars.  
hint: to the left of the bright star
Obvious in the flowers...
...NOT so obvious in the flowers!  

We weren't even really looking for Hidden Mickeys and we were able to see them every where we looked, in all of the parks!  It's no wonder Mickey is my favorite, he can't be avoided while on his turf!  
~Your Disney World Connoisseur, Hootie  :)

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