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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Farewell to a Fine Four-legged Friend!

As my daughter just woke up and came downstairs, our psycho cat, Lily jumped to her feet and ran to greet her.  Sweet little meows, tail held high curving slightly at the tip, and a tiny rub on my daughters leg saying, 'Good Morning'.  It reminded me of how much love a pet can give to humans.  Even psycho animals give love!  But I am saddened  today because I received an e-mail from a friend who shared that they had to put their dog down.  He had a tumor on his shoulder and a carcinoma that was attacking his liver.  The poor guy was in serious pain.  

In 2004, I had to put my cat Ashley of almost 17 years to sleep.  Old age was tough on her and her body was failing terribly.  I cried for days.  It was a year later that I got my current baby, Jack.  He was two when he came into my life.  We've had Lily since 2002, but her psycho ways didn't heal my broken heart.  My husband and I got Ashley just before we were married, so we'd had her forever.  The void the loss of a pet creates can be hard to fill.  

Most nights now at about 10 pm, Jack comes to find me.  He's ready for bed.  He likes to sleep on our bed at night snuggled on my feet.  If I am reading a book or on the computer, Jack likes to get between me and whatever is keeping my attention off of him.  

Good bye Highway.  You will be deeply missed, but not forgotten!  


SAHM said...

Saying goodbye to a pet is definitely hard! The first time I had to deal with this was when I was pregnant with the twins and Jersey (my first four legged pet) got unexpectedly sick and past the point of getting better. I think I sobbed for 24 hours straight and was weepy for weeks afterwards. I can still get teary eyed just thinking about her. It has been nice to have Birdie, our new four legged friend these last few months although she isn't quite Jersey . . . in some ways this is a good thing! :) Sorry for your friends loss. Pets- what a precious gift!

sweetcakes said...

Thank you for mentioning Highway. It has been an extremely difficult week for all of us. We miss him so much.