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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Snowflakes??? Christmas in July?

Two summers ago I was cleaning out my mom's house.  Tucked away in her basement I found this book and a very tiny little crochet hook.  I didn't know how to crochet, but I wanted to learn.  Something was driving me.  I felt possessed.  I don't recall my mom crocheting, maybe this stuff belonged to my step-dad's mom.  Or maybe this was something my mom did when she was first married before I came into the world?  Or maybe, just maybe, this was one of those things that my mom wanted to learn how to do?  
The designer of these snowflakes is Mary Thomas.  This book was published in 1983.  I'm pretty sure based on that date, this was not my mom's stuff.  Then again, maybe she was longing for a few of those child-free moments when one can do something THEY enjoy rather than being a responsible parent.  My sister would have been three then and I was 19.  I have a pretty clear memory of my mom in the early 80's.  She did not crochet.  Still, that tiny little crochet hook beckoned me to learn how to use it.  Maybe it beckoned to my mom as well.  Off to the library I went.  I found a Crochet for Dummies book.  What a great resource!  

There are 16 patterns in my book above.  I started with number 1 and worked my way through them all.  

After the snowflakes are made they must be starched and blocked.  I made myself a board for blocking.  

After using a stiffening agent, snowflakes are held in place with T-pins which look like acupuncture being preformed.  This helps it to hold the precise shape as a snowflake dries.  
Here are my 16 snowflakes!  Come November I will be hanging these in my windows.  I feel successful and am ready to start making snowflakes as my Christmas presents this year.  I can't decide on my favorite.  I laid them out in the order they are in the book 1-4, 5-8, 9-12 and 13-16.  Do you have a favorite?  The largest is about the size of my hand and the smallest fits in my palm.  

I have started eyeing sweater patterns.  I wonder if I'll be inspired to make myself one of those next?  That lacy, dainty, flowery look is speaking to me.  Can you hear it too?  


Lauranie said...

They are SO PRETTY! Awesome job! Now in the winter you can do some flowers to hang in your window for Spring! :D Another idea for snowflake gifts...attach them and make a beautiful winter-time table runner! Thanks for the link to Wee Folk Art!!! I am in LOVE with that site now!! xo, L

sweetcakes said...

They are so beautiful! I know they must have taken you a really long time to complete! I can't believe how many you finished! Congratulations!

Steph said...

They are very lovely. I can't imagine teaching myself to crochet - that's just really, super amazing!

Hootie said...

Thank you Ladies! :)