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Friday, July 24, 2009

The Tour de...well, NOT France!

Who needs to go over seas to see people wrapped in flags supporting their favorite bicycle riders?  Not us!  We do spend the month of July living vicariously as we watch the Tour de France each night on TV.  It would be wonderful to see the beautiful scenery in person.  But last weekend there were a few races here in Bloomington.  
In another life, my husband used to race his bike.  Although his last race was only two years ago, it really does seem like a lifetime past when I used to follow him, kids in tow, and root him on.  
Here my son and husband talking with two friends, and former teammates of my husband, before a race which happened in our hometown last weekend.  
This is not a great photo, but you can see the riders from the backside all lined up and ready for one of the races.  There were five different races this day.  
This is my good friend Bob, and his girlfriend.  They came to visit and we all went to watch Bob race.  It was weird to sit on the sidelines with my husband.  I could tell he was chomping at the bit to be out with his friends.  Last year when we moved my DH purged himself of all his bike stuff.  It was good, but I knew better than to think it was a permanent situation.  I realize more than he does that he needs this release in his life.  I figure it's just a matter of time before he gets a new bike.  When that happens, it will be a good thing.  He's a competitive soul and he needs the excitement.  

Besides, I'm ready for him to shave his legs and wear those tight spandex shorts again!  
Here are a few seconds from one of the races last weekend.  The cyclists are coming around one of the last corners in the loop before a long straight way.  This is one of the few opportunities in this race when one guy can get ahead of another, so they really want to power out of this corner.  If you watch this video carefully you'll see just 2 seconds into it that a rider goes down.  I am NOT ready for that part of the race life.  I hate to see anyone get injured.   

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