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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

My Tribute to the King of Pop!

This photo was taken back in the spring of 1985.  It's from my dorm room...can you guess where I went to school?...and this is my baby sister.  She was just four and a half at the time.  
It's amazing how much a person can touch others lives.  

I watched the memorial to MJ today while I walked on my treadmill.  After 80 minutes and 4.5 miles I needed to rest my tootsies.  While I watched the end of the memorial I went through my old photos, the ones sitting in a plastic box!  (Unprotected and edges curling!)  I was recalling this photo.  I am glad it wasn't too hard to locate.  

Rest in peace MJ.  You certainly inspired me!  I'm sure your legacy will live on forever.  


sweetcakes said...

That picture is hilarious! I think it's great that you remembered that you had it and then were able to find it!

Steph said...

Wow - that's a GREAT photo! :-) What a life - he certainly did impact our culture in a great many ways.