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Monday, November 17, 2008

Before and Day One Photos...

The Burrow was built in 1960.  Several updates have happened, but the last one in the kitchen was done about 15 years ago...give or take 5 years.  The stove top had a date on it of 1979.  I couldn't even find a date on the oven...which ran about 50 degrees too hot!  
Patriotic?  French Provencal?  Checkers anyone?  
At noon today.  

View of the pocket door (above).  

I am expecting the work over the next few weeks to go much slower than today's progress.  It's easy to see when things are ripped up and missing versus wiring, duct or plumbing work.  

1 comment:

sweetcakes said...

Wow!!!!! Amazing pictures!

Need a place for your unwanted oven? I could always use a second one. he,he