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Monday, November 17, 2008

Remodeling: Kitchen Project...day 1

Today starts our kitchen remodeling job.  
Totally starting over.  

Stay tuned for details, photos, comments.  
11:40am update
NOISY!  But good!  I came home from school and one of the guys said, "You probably don't want to look in there."  Actually I like it!  I am glad to have the room changing.  It looks smaller than I thought it would.  Even though nothing is in it, I am feeling like the past owners are really being let go.  As noisy as it is inside, it's quiet and lightly snowing outside.  No accumulation; too light and the sun is trying to pop out.  

DUSTY, too.  I am thinking I might need to get some sheets to place over some of the furniture.  I can hear the saws or whatever tools are being used for de-construction.  They even sound messy.  

Poor Jack is hiding.  Our guard cat, Lily is a bit freaked out, but very curious. 

More later!  With pictures.  

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