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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Fall Tradition

As the leaves start to change their color, it is time for our annual tradition of heading to our friends vineyard & pumpkin patch.  A tradition that started 8 or 9 years ago.  In past years our families have come together, long time friends and neighbor, the older generation mixed with the younger; parents, children and grandchildren.  
As the time has passed, so have members of this gathering.  This year none of the "parents" were there.  Two were on a trip out west, one has gone to rest and the fourth just wasn't up to the adventure.  
So old gives way to new.  As a red wine lover (specifically Shiraz), I have discovered our friend's new wine.  Sky Dog Red is a fruity wine that doesn't over power ones taste buds.  It's a wonderful anytime wine.  I find myself enjoying it most evenings before dinner, no matter what I am serving.   
Each year I try to capture our growing children on film.  This year they were all in a goofy  mood and didn't want to pose.  They were having fun and that makes a better picture anyway.  From our oldest, who can now legally drive, to their youngest, who was afraid of the mosquitoes and would barely leave his mama's side, they enjoyed each others company.  
A booty of variety!   Our friends sell pumpkins and gourds from their crop out at their
winery.  When we visit their patch it is mostly filled with leftovers...perfect jack-o-lantern pumpkins!  
I always bake seeds on the evening we carve our jack-o-lanterns.  This year I tried a healthier recipe.  Toasted Pumpkin Seeds on the Simply Recipes website.  I missed the buttery taste of my old recipe, but not enough to add any of that sinful ingredient.  The different size and variety pumpkins did offer different seed tastes.  

Since our normal partners on this pumpkin adventure were out of town, we shared our colorful booty with them.  Here's my FIL carving one of their jack-o-lanterns.  

Our adventure of the evening didn't stop with dinner and pumpkin picking though.  This year offered another treat!  Our host has been taking flying lessons.  He has his pilot's license, a plane and his own hanger!  My husband and kids were able to sail over Monroe County and see her beauty from up above.  

If you could enlarge this photo you'd see the speck of a plane in the right-hand quadrant.  It was beautiful to watch the plane soaring from the ground.  The vineyards, clouds and colors brought out the romantic spirit in me!  

Landing between the grape vines.  

Two photos of my baby and her pilot, Bill.  It will be so hard to top this night of memories for my kids.  

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sweetcakes said...

What a fun trip for everyone!

I tried the pumpkin seed recipe and they turned out great! I will use it again next year!