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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Next Time!

Wow! What a night! My husband and I were up until 12:30am with our teenage children.  We watched both Senators make their final speeches of this race.  

In the early hours of the night we all went about our evening routines but we had our ears tuned into the radio. By 10:30, we were all gathered around the television watching CNN, I had a laptop...on my lap, checking our state and local results. 

At 11pm CNN officially called Senator Obama our President Elect. I turned to my son and said, "Guess what? You and I shook the President's hand." What a ride these past six months have been politically.

I know the four of us will be tired tonight. To witness history is worth a day of yawns. Last night was so major for our country. I recall back to my own parents and their political influences over me as I was growing up. I can't help but wonder what they would have made of last night. Would they have been progressive enough to have looked past political parties, race and age? Would they have been so open minded to have had some of the conversations with me that I had with my children this time around? I wonder.

On Monday afternoon I chatted with my brother and just before we hung up I said, "Have fun voting tomorrow!" A while later I received an e-mail from him saying he and his wife voted early because 'neither candidate was worth standing in line for.'  I beg to differ on that point. Republican or Democrat, ALL candidates are worth standing in line for. In America, having a choice and having your voice be heard makes it so. Hope, Democracy, Respect, Change, Improvement, Perseverance, Reform, Prosperity...just a few of the words that describe this wonderful country in which we live.

In 2012, our next Presidential race, both of my children will have the opportunity to make their voices heard.  Yes, they can!  

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