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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day two...electricians

This morning Lily has all ready climbed our contractor's ladder.  She was trying to figure out a way to get up to the attic through the laundry room ceiling.  She was surveying Dave, the contractor, when he came in today.  She saw his truck pull in the drive way and then was mad that he stayed outside for five minutes.  The pocket door between the kitchen and the rest of the house was not an original feature of the Burrow.  It is functional right now, but is not included in my final plans either.  Lily sits on this side of the pocket door wanting so desperately to get in and see what the guys are doing.  Periodically she bumps her nose on the door trying to make it open.  

Yesterday the guys cut a hole into the floor of the kitchen so they could have access to the crawl space under there.  The current access door is only big enough for a lanky teenager to squeeze through.  Eventually that access will need to be re-worked.  Lily can hear the electricians in that space and she is wishing she could go explore with them.  Poor kitty!  

Jack...ran and hid the minute the electricians walked through the door.  Fine guard cat he makes.  

Added after 5 pm, Photos from Day Two:  
The florescent lights have been removed and the canned lighting has been wired.  You can see the mark from the old, hanging cabinet too.  

Outlets have to be moved due to cabinets going in and old wires NOT being needed.  There will be three covers on old wires: our reminder of the past.  

Problem:  We go in and out of the carport door enough that we need to have shoes handy.  But, there is not a place to put said shoes.  

Solution:  A shoe shelf is being added into the bottom of the wall!  Our contractor is doing this job himself.  Yes, he's reminding me a little of Ty Pennington!  

The wall of the laundry closet needed to come out a bit too.  Here you can see the new framing and LOTS of wiring.  Tomorrow the shutters need to come down!  

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