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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Rut time, is it?

We went for a walk into the woods nearby the Burrow on Sunday.  When we returned home there were four deer out back munching on the vegetation.  After about 20 minutes three more deer came running out of the woods followed by this big buck.  He was just far enough away that we couldn't tell if he's an 8 point or 10 point buck.  

In researching deer habits I found out that we are just starting the season of mating for our White-tailed friends.  Does are in heat, starting in November and Bucks are in rut.  

The gestation period for White-tailed deer is 200-205 days.  That seems like a long time...until I refreshed my memory about humans.  Our gestation period is 266 days.  

Lucky Does, shorter pregnancy's and only chased around for a month or two each year!  :)

1 comment:

lisa said...

I have now seen this guy, through binoculars, and he is a 10-point buck!

I have also seen and noted an eight-point and a one-point (I'm sure there is probably an official name for a first year with antlers buck).

Definitely a healthy population.

Unfortunately for one of our small trees, one of those males has been rubbing his velvet from his antlers off on it.

Maybe we will be lucky enough to find some of those antlers when they fall off in January or February! :)