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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day three...still the electricians...

Yesterday the electricians had a wiring puzzle to figure out.  What wires go to which outlets or switches.  They needed to come back today to finish up.  The rough wiring is in and so are the canned lights!

Dave was in and out today.  He was managing a lot of unseen stuff happening in the crawl space, attic and in the walls.    
Look closely (above) and you can see the red chalk outline of the island!  The yellow wires are for outlets and the grey wire is for the oven.  Tomorrow the gas line will be put in.  
Lily is pretending to be on the counter of the island.  She really does like all this activity going on.  She gets mad when I make her come with me while the guys are here.  
This is the wall where the bookshelf/TV/desk, counter top and cabinets will be.  The drywall guy will be here on Friday.  I wonder what he'll have to say about all these holes!  
Apparently the puck lights I'll have under the cabinets need to be plugged in and the outlets need to go in cabinets without glass doors.  Walls are marked where the glass cabinet fronts will be for this purpose.  I noticed a few glass cabinet fronts that need to move from one side of the room to the other!  I hate being a stickler, but I don't think I could have lived with them where they were going to be.  
My private worker removed the shutters!  I don't plan on using them in the kitchen again, but they are precious enough to hold on to,  just in case.  I think I might see if I can re-use them in the spare bedroom.   Go IU, but the red and white material needs to go into my scrap material bin.  

Tomorrow the plumber will be here.  We will see if he'll have any surprises for us.  

A Funny from Day Two:  There are mice in the crawl space under the kitchen...imagine that!  Dave mentioned that some of the vines around the house have pushed a vent in and critters can get in that way.  I told Dave, the mice are what the snake eats.  He seemed unsure as to whether or not I was serious.  He doesn't know about Snakey or the Corn Snake we've found here.
Apparently, the mice were coming after some of the guys while they were down below the kitchen working.  Weenies!    I'd much rather have a mouse come towards me in a dark crawl space than a snake.  

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